Sunday, 12 April 2015

Diamonds Network - an opportunity for women in small business to network

Diamonds Network, an initiative a friend and I started eighteen months ago, this was to help other small business women owners.  We created a group of founders, set up a charter, website and a calendar for the year.  I have been utterly amazed at the interest and support that we have received.  And yes not everyone has continued the journey however we do have a number of consistent supporters.

It appears that there is a need for women who run their own business to tap into each others skills, knowledge and experience.  It is also evident that there is an opportunity for us to support each other.

We are heading for our 8th event, this one is all about business planning and again the support and interest has been truly amazing to experience.

We have an created an environment for women to learn about the stage they go through in life, the essence of time, what to wear to look your best in different situations, about finances both personal and business.  We have received advice from experts in finding balance and even had an opportunity to learn how to cope with breast cancer.

Its my give back to the community and I intend to continue to drive this initiative and provide the support to other women who face the same challenges I do.

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